Highland Park Asset Mapping Project & Contest

As you have read in our newsletter, Highland Park is working on an Asset Mapping Project this year. What is that you ask? Well, one description is that it involves identifying everything in the neighbourhood and our surrounding area that we love about it – identifying what is “strong” vs what is “wrong”.

You can expect to see community volunteers at various community events this summer wearing our t-shirts that ask residents, “What’s our story?” Please feel free to talk to these volunteers and look for our large map, and a table with information about the project.

Things are coming together already with the online Google Map we are creating! Thanks to the volunteers who came out to our inaugural mapping night on May 9th. We were able to talk about and locate historical sites, businesses, cool or secret spots, and various public spaces in Highland Park.

In a previous month we ran this picture as part of our community contest for the project. We asked people to identify the location in this picture, but we didn’t receive a single entry! If you did submit an entry & we missed it, please re-enter. So, we’re going to try again; send your answer to volunteer@hpca.ca, with the email subject line as “Asset Mapping Contest” and include A) the location (address or nearest intersection), B) your name, C) your email and / or phone number. Our Asset Mapping team will do a random draw from all the correct answers received by our Stampede BBQ on July 10th, and will award the winner a $10 gift card to Tim Hortons.

We are still looking for more community input to this project. Do you have old photos of places in Highland Park? Do you have information about the history of the community that you can share? We are interested in videoing interviews with seniors and others with information about our community’s history. Do you have information about home-based businesses in our neighbourhood that we can access? Do you know of secret or cool spots? Is there anything else you can share that’s cool about Highland Park? If so, contact us through the email address above, and look for our team at community events throughout the year.