Highland Park Preschool is a non-profit, non-denominational and parent-operated playschool. Parents should consider and evaluate the following philosophy before enrolling their children in the program to ensure that their objectives coincide with those of the school.

“Early childhood education programs were never meant to produce geniuses, nor are they merely perfunctory. The aim of quality early childhood education is, and always was, the facilitation and enhancement of the child’s growth.”
— "The Child and Society" David Elkind

At Highland Park Preschool the "facilitation and enhancement of the child's growth" is achieved in a learn through play program. The school provides a stimulating environment where children are offered a variety of “ choices” that develop physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and creative skills in a caring and loving atmosphere. The program recognizes that each child develops at his/her own rate: the program is not competitive or comparative, nor is there any testing of ability or direct comparison to peers. During group times, music, finger-plays and themes are introduced. It is during these times that the gradual development of speech and language, lengthening attention spans, increasing self-confidence, and other aspects of the child’s development may be facilitated, but there is not any regimentation as far as learning is concerned (Adapted from Varsity Nursery School with permission). Following is a further breakdown of the school’s objectives:

1. Development of Social Skills

  • Sharing, taking turns, resolving conflicts, building confidence is recognized as an important factor in understanding appropriate group and individual behaviour.

2. Development of a positive attitude towards school

  • Learning should be enjoyable

3. Physical development

  • Small and large muscle development will be aided through the use of manipulation of small objects and during gym and playground times