HP Golf Course - Request for Independent Review

The following email with an attached letter found below, was sent to the City of Calgary in regards to the Highland Park Golf Course.

Council Members of the Audit Committee, 

Please find attached a letter from the Highland Park Community Association. At this time the HPCA would like to formally request an independent special review further to section 4(10)(f), g(g) and (j) of the City of Calgary Bylaw Number M2012 pursuant to the City's Integrated Risk Management System. 

Highland Park Community Association believes an independent review of the approval process that was stewarded by the Planning Department at the City of Calgary as it relates to the former Highland Park Golf Course, LOC2014-0190 should be undertaken based on a lack of adherence to process and policy by both City Planning Department and the Council itself. HPCA asserts that the lack of adherence to process and policy put the City of Calgary at both financial and reputational risk. HPCA made note of multiple instances of information being fabricated, or information withheld to prevent Council from fully understanding the impact and implications of approving LOC2014-0190. It is clear to us that risk management principles espoused by the City of Calgary were not followed in this instance. This review is necessary to prevent further costly mistakes from being made, and to prevent reactionary plans from being implemented to fix a mistake of the City's own making. We seek the immediate launch of a third party, independent investigation into the manner in which this file was handled. 

HPCA is confident that the Audit Committee is the body best suited to complete an independent third party review of the process by which LOC2014-0190 was undertaken in order to demonstrate the City's commitment to mitigating both financial and reputational risks.

Kind Regards,

Elise Bieche

Highland Park Community Association