Safety in Highland Park - Finding Solutions

Part of the goal of the Neighbourhood of Promise is to promote its 4 pillars: Accessible services, community economic development , social cohesion, and quality environment. 

Part of quality environment is to help residents feel safe in their community. Many possibilities exist in making sure a community is safe. Part of it is a clean community ( clean back alleys, beautification of the environment, knowing your neighbours and their children , teenagers, having adequate programming for youth, volunteer opportunity, etc.

In 2012 the neighbourhood of promise organised a safety audit sessions with Calgary Police Services, at the HPCA. Presentations were done around personal safety as well as community /property safety. 

After a survey done in 2014 by the city of Calgary, neighbourhood of promisde, some residents felt that the community could be safer, that there was some car break-ins, and other issues in the community. 

A group of residents are getting together to find solutions. The first meeting was held on April 18 at the HPCA hall with by law officer and CPS. We learned about residents issues. The Federation of Calgary Community is facilitating 2 meetings to look at issues and solutions. The first of those meetings was held on May 19 in the evening. We identified all of the issues. The next meeting is on June 16 at 7pm at the HPCA 3716 2nd street NW.

View Minutes from May 19th Safety Meeting here.