Neighbourhood Of Promise

In 2007 Calgary Neighbourhoods identified a number of communities in Calgary to participate in the “Strong Neighbourhood Initiative”.  This initiative is based on research shows that strong neighbourhoods have the following features:

  • High levels of social cohesion;
  • Good quality built and natural environments;
  • Accessible, affordable and high quality amenities, programs and services; and
  • Positive community economic development.

Highland Park was selected as one of the neighbourhoods to participate in the Strong Neighbourhood Initiative.  This means that over several years (starting in 2008), Calgary Neighbourhoods will support residents in Highland Park to achieve the features (listed above) of a strong neighbhourhood.

What’s does this mean in Highland Park?
Since being designated as a “Neighbourhood of Promise”, a number of things have taken place in Highland Park that aim to improve the overall quality of life for residents. 
Some examples include:

  • a variety of opportunities for residents to connect with and get to know one another (i.e. neighbour day celebrations, music in the park, and an annual cultural celebration)
  • community beautification projects (i.e. murals on utility boxes and community gardens)
  • increased access to services and supports (i.e. an outreach worker through North Central Family Support Centre, the community kitchen and good food box programs)
  • ongoing dialogue with local business owners to support their connection to the wider community.

Who does this?
The Strong Neighbourhood Initiative is a collaborative effort involving a wide range of people and organizations including The City of Calgary, the Highland Park Community Association, local schools, agencies, churches and residents.  These stakeholders come together four times each year as part of the “Strong Neighbourhood Collaborative” to discuss opportunities to achieve the qualities of a “strong neighbourhood".

If you have ideas or would like to get involved, please contact Jennifer DiMarzo at or 403-476-7295. Funding is available.

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