Spolumbo's Playground Fundraiser May 1 - 25

Spolumbo's is back!

Just in time for BBQ season, we have another Playground Fundraiser for you. Spolumbos sausages are in great demand and are awesome!! All of the sausage products come fresh, while the burger patties (chicken or beef) come frozen. It is recommended that you portion your sausages before freezing them.

All of Spolumbos sausages and patties contain NO: Gluten – MSG – Binders – Fillers – Preservatives – Eggs – Dairy – Nuts – Nitrates.

Capto_Capture 2018-05-10_06-55-00_PM.png

There are 2 trays in each case, so half orders are available for all sausages. What's changed this year is that you can order a half case without coordinating with someone else. Please note - Burger patties and Chicken burger patties are excluded from ordering a half case.

Please contact Carolyn at hallmanager@highlandparkcommunity.ca to get your order form via email. Bring your completed order form in (only one per family) along with payment (cash or cheque made out to Highland Park Community Association) to Carolyn at the Highland Park Community Association. Carolyn can be reached at hallmanager@highlandparkcommunity.ca or 403.276.6969.

This fundraising campaign will run from May 1 - 25. Orders will be ready for pick up on Saturday, June 9 (between 10:30am - 11:00am at the Community Hall) Please note that you must pick up your sausages or have someone pick them up for you. We cannot store them at the community hall.

Questions may be directed to: 
Emma Taylor at events@highlandparkcommunity.ca 
or Carolyn Bergen at hallmanager@highlandparkcommunity.ca

Happy selling!!!