Letters of Support: Highland Park Golf Course

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Please consider sending this out to your mailing lists and community members, please stand in solidarity with Highland Park so that we can garner the necessary show of support on July 4 and in advance. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent notes, come out to sessions, read our newsletter articles or got caught up to speed on the development of the Highland Park Golf Course.

We are now in official crunch time and we are hearing from the City and our Councillors office that there hasn't been much "public outcry" in regards to this development. We need to get more attention to this development and FAST! We need letters and voices- hundreds of them- every letter counts, even if you sent a letter already- please send another letter. Here is what I hope you will consider doing:

1. Write a letter/email and send it to every email address I have listed below. We have provided you with a list of items you might want to put in your personal letter. Its important that these letters not be a "form letter" but rather come from individuals who are speaking out against the current proposal. We need voices, many of them, to prove to Council that this development plan is NOT in the best interest of our community- if you are from Highland Park or anywhere else in the City. We should expect more from this development. We are taxpayers and deserve better planning. We are engaged and want to be treated as stakeholders. A proposal was shown to the community that demonstrated 2,100 units, before that the developer sought a plan of 1600 units --- now it has the potential to be over 4,000 Units. This is a colossal difference.

2. Come to Council in New City Hall on July 4th at 9:30 am. Speak up and have your voice heard. Council wants to know what the public thinks of the proposal, the process and the engagement. We desperately need people to give of their time on July 4 and be in the room and speak out. We will not win if we don't show that we care. 

Again - if you need more information on the development don't hesitate to drop me a line. If you want help writing a letter/email don't hesitate to drop me a line. 

To make the letters part of the public record for the hearing, they need to be submitted to the public clerk cityclerk@calgary.ca before 10 am this Thursday.


Below is the list of emails for all Councillors and relevant parties in City of Calgary Planning: