STREETBANK.COM - Share things with your neighbours!

A quick intro 

Streetbank is here to help you do three things:

1.  Give things away – find a grateful neighbour for stuff you no longer need

2.  Share things – like ladders and drills, that go unused much of the time

3.  Share skills – like DIY, languages and gardening, that neighbours might need help with

See what's in your neighbourhood

It all started in 2010, after Sam had a good experience of sharing with his next-door neighbours.

They had been lending stuff to him – small stuff mainly (like a cup of sugar), but it got bigger (like a ladder) and in time he found he’d actually made friends with them.  They even took the fence between their gardens down and they did all the gardening (result for Sam!).

Over the years, Streetbank has grown to be one of the biggest neighbourhood sharing websites in the world, rated by the Times as one of the 50 websites you can’t live without. 

Every day, people across the world are using the site to share stuff.  From the weird and wonderful, to the practical and useful – but everything that’s shared is valuable in some way, to somebody!

The result?

Friendlier neighbourhoods, money saved and less stuff wasted and ending up in landfill.