We are pleased to offer high quality preschool programs for both 3 and 4 year-old children at our preschool. In our programs we include circle times, gym time, a snack, and a variety of centers, songs, stories, art, gross and fine motor activities.

We are very fortunate to have access to multiple spaces within the Community Centre including the Upper Main Hall, Lower Main Hall and and the outdoor field to enhance the physical education portion of our programs.

In a typical preschool day, the children can be seen painting, dressing-up, playing with instruments, building with blocks, working with puzzles, playing house, experimenting with play-dough, sand, water, soil, or rice, and exploring possibilities through preschool science concepts.

We promote developmentally appropriate literacy, math concepts and skills. Throughout the year, a variety of dramatic play centers are set up to encourage children to explore and understand their world.


· Present in each class is a qualified teacher , teacher’s assistant and/or one or more parent volunteers.

· Children are required to bring their own nut-free snack and drink to preschool each day.

· We are a non-profit, parent-operated preschool. Each family is required to hold a volunteer position in the school.

Volunteer Parent Run Preschool

Having a volunteer parent run preschool allows us to offer exceptional education while minimizing the monthly cost associated per child. It allows parents to feel part of the school running the day to day operations of the preschool. There are a variety of Volunteer positions available allowing parents to choose to be involved with in-class volunteer work or for working parents there are take home or evening options.

* Please be advised that we will request two post dated cheques of $80 to be cashed mid-year and at the end of the year only in the event a child's parent doesn't complete their volunteer requirements.

* In addition, a fundraising component is required by each family. Parents will be requested to provide a deposit cheque of $100 which will only be cashed if the parent doesn’t fundraise by end of that school year.

Volunteer Positions

· Volunteer positions will include governance subcommittee positions and various positions required to support the teachers and the classroom some during class time and some after class time. The volunteer positions are currently being updated and will be published in the coming months.

Class Times and Fees for 2017/2018

Our preschool runs 5 days a week offering 2.5hrs mornings or afternoons classes. We are recommending that 3 & 4 year old student attend classes on different days, thus allowing the teachers to better educate children needs and development. We are offering morning or afternoon classes to 3 year olds Tuesday/Thursday and to 4 year olds Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  

*On a case by case basis we are flexible in offering 4 and 5 days a week classes and flexible on the age of the child to better fit your families needs. Please contact us for more information.


2 days/week – $130

3 days/week – $170

*Fee’s are for the 2.5 hrs morning or afternoon class per child per month.

*4 and 5 day rates are available depending on requirements