Buchanan Elementary School

Mrs Cunningham

Mrs Cunningham lived across the street from Buchanan until she was over 100 years old. One of the school staff members spoke to her when she came onto her porch one day and they discovered that she used to be a teacher at Buchanan. It was also discovered that she would soon be celebrating her 100th birthday. The school took the initiative to invite her over to the school to help celebrate her birthday.

Her visit was an educational experience for students regarding the caring of elders in the community and learning about what changes she had seen in her lifetime. She was fairly spry throughout her old age but needed a walker/wheelchair in her last few years. The school continued to celebrate her birthday every year with her and her daughter, until her 105th birthday. She has since past after her 105th birthday in 2011. It was an amazing experience for the children to see her and learn about the changes that had occurred in the world throughout her lifetime.