HPCA Casino Aug 5-6


Do you ever wish that someone else would pay for your babysitter on date night? How about a date with free food? Well, guess what??!! You can have this! If you volunteer for either night of the HPCA Casino, your babysitting costs are completely covered (just submit your receipt) and the Casino provides meals for volunteers. Then you leave with a full belly, a paid babysitter and a boatload of good karma.

If you're still not convinced - and you are a HPCA preschool parent - you can choose a $50 credit towards your tuition. 

HPCA Casino is August 5 & 6 and funds go to Playground Restoration, Hall Renovations and all things Community Association related. We are short many volunteers on both the Sunday and Monday and could really use your help. Please consider taking some time and volunteering for this event. If you need any further details please contact president@highlandparkcommunity.ca

Mark your calendars for our Casino on August 5 & 6. Both the Hall and Playground restoration efforts rely on funds raised from this Casino. I realize it is the August long weekend, but if you can make it out and show your support, our online sign-up system can be found here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b084bafad2ca4ff2-hpca.  Please contact Jeanne at secretary@highlandparkcommunity.ca if you need help signing up.