Buchanan Elementary School

art Panels

An array of art panels can be seen on the front of Buchanan School (facing centre street). They were created by an artist who used art that had been created by Buchanan students as well as some of her own work. She combined the artwork together into twelve mosaic pictures. She took elements from different students’ drawings & combined them digitally into 12 cohesive pictures. The original art the students made was created after they heard some stories from community “old timers,” who told the students about what life was like as well as how Highland Park used to look when they were younger. Seniors in the community told students about the dairy farm, horse drawn buggies, the milk wagon, Confederation Creek at the surface, listening to records, old rotary dial telephones, the streetcar that ran up Centre St, driving in the 1950s, playing outside, wildflowers and deer & other animals that used to roam the area. The result was the art installation that can be seen today, an inspiring collaboration between generations.