Hall Rental Information


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Description: This large, open room has full access to chairs, tables, upgraded kitchen facilities and a spacious lobby.  This space is an excellent venue for events, presentations, exhibitions and installations.  A screen is provided with a projector and sound system available to rent.
Dimensions: 48’x56’, height 9’ sides - 14’ at peak (2700sq ft./251 sq. m) 
220 person capacity
Rental Cost: 210 person capacity $550.00/day or $55/hr
Damage Deposit: $500.00



Description: This is an open and bright room with kitchen and main hall access.  Perfect for smaller groups of 60 or less.  Ideal for rehearsals, smaller programs and meetings.
Dimensions: 30’x36’, height 9’ sides -14’ at peak (1200sq ft./111 sq. m) 
60 person capacity
Rental Cost: $400.00/day or $44/hr
Damage Deposit: $400.00


Description: Ideal for meetings and small parties.  This hall includes a small sink in the main area and two washrooms.
Dimension: 30’x36’, height 8’ throughout (930sq ft./86.5 sq. m) 
65 person capacity
Rental Cost: $25/hr
Damage Deposit: $25/hr


Description: Open concept room great for studio space or recreation. 
Dimensions: Height is 9.5’ throughout (2500sq ft./232 sq. m).
Rental Cost: $25/hr
Damage Deposit: $25/hr

- Non commercial kitchen
- Stainless steel counters
- 3 sinks plus hand wash station
- 2 stainless steel stoves, 1 refrigerator, 1 microwave and 1 stainless steel cooler
- 30 rectangle tables, 20 round tables plus 230 chairs available to all halls
- Tots playground plus adjoining large grass area
- Skating rinks in the winter
- Quiet Secure Area
- Free Wi-Fi
- 25% discount for area residents with a current membership
(max once per year)

Lots of free parking
Easy access to Centre St., Edmonton Trail, McKnight Blvd., and 4th St. N.W.  
Convenient Transit Route Access - #2, #3, #72 and #73

Our rates are flexible and affordable, according to your needs! 
Please call Carolyn at 403-276-6969 or email
for further information.