Karate Classes

Bunbukan Karate

Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu (KU) is an exceptionally deep, reality (non-sport) based fighting style heavily oriented to self-defence based on the original principles of Okinawan Karate.

The practise includes:

  • Body conditioning and fitness,
  • Basic solo technical development (kicks, blocks, punches, stances),
  • Two-person drills,
  • Two-person flow drills,
  • Defensive responses to habitual violence,
  • Kata (solo patterns for form),
  • Kata defensive applications,
  • Solo and partner ground work ,
  • Throws and take-downs,
  • Joint locks, chokes and strangulations,
  • Break falling or receiving the ground,
  • Weapons (staff and short stick).

All levels are welcome and classes are structured to be age appropriate and safe.

Ph. 403-926-3535


Yoga Classes


Martha has been teaching yoga since 2013 and her foundations is Hatha Yoga. She is certified in Restorative Yoga and is currently completing her 500 hours of yoga therapy training at Mount Royal University.  In this series of classes, you will explore 26 staple postures as well as proper breathing and relaxation practices.


Contact Martha for more info or to register:

These classes are available to all levels.  Please bring a blanket, a water bottle and a yoga mat.  The Drop-in fee is $15. per class.  Class will be held in the North Hall at Highland Park Community Hall at 3716 2 Street N.W.

Western Martial Arts Classes



Come and explore the world of Western combat arts, from the lethal and elegant German longsword, to the science of boxing to the close combat methods of grappling and knife fighting.




To create a world where Western Martial Arts is the dominant martial art.


To be the premiere WMA school on Earth by:

  • Demonstrating life saving skills that can be applied in day-to-day scenarios
  • Fostering development in the duality of the lethal art of WMA without compromise
  • Our curriculum and training reflect this mission. We focus on combat conditioning, skills in the above areas, and camaraderie!

Science of Spirituality group

To become aware of our connection with all life is one of the main purposes of developing ourselves spiritually. Love is innate in our soul, but we can connect with this divine quality more deeply and permanently when we come in contact with a living, spiritual Master, attend satsang and meditate. When we learn to love all of God’s creation, we inevitably draw closer to him. 

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj is an internationally renowned spiritual Master. Through his teachings, guidance, and example, he has helped millions of people around the world discover the beauty and power of the soul.

Under his leadership, Science of Spirituality strives to help individuals and communities achieve the cherished goals of inner and outer peace, and personal transformation, through meditation.

For information about
Science of Spirituality

For information about
Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission skrm.sos.org

Welcome to our Satsang, or spiritual program, which is sponsored by Science of Spirituality, a global, non- denominational organization dedicated to Love, Unity and Peace. We are millions of individuals, of all nationalities, races, and faiths, who are deeply committed to bettering ourselves and our world through a spiritual way of living based on meditation, ethical values, and regard for life.

This program is held under the direction of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, a spiritual Master who teaches the Sant Mat method of meditation on the inner Light and Sound of God. From its centers in countries all over the world, Science of Spirituality strives to help individuals and communities achieve deeper, richer inner lives with a stronger sense of meaning and purpose.

Each week our Calgary group gathers to meditate together, reflect on the words of the great spiritual Masters, and spend some time with others who share the goal of leading a spiritually enriched and fulfilling life. 


Every Sunday from 5.15 PM to 7.15 PM
in the North Hall,
Highland Park Community Association,
716 2 St NW, Calgary, AB. 

For Local Calgary centre, kindly contact: 
Kamlesh Mehta
Email – mehtakam@gmail.com, soscalgary.meditation@gmail.com
Mobile – (403) 614 2613
H – (403)2413328 

Irish Dance Classes (Ages 2 to Adult)


LOCATION: Highland Park Community Hall - Main and North Hall

M.J.P. Academy of Irish dance is one of Calgary’s top Irish dance schools. In just 7 years, M.J.P. has taken numerous dancers to Championship level in competition and has had dancers qualify for and compete at both North American Championships and the World Championships.

Consisting of dancers from age 2 all the way through to adult, our dance lessons help people of all ages discover self-confidence, teamwork & leadership skills. Our goal is to develop not only a dancer's strength, flexibility, and endurance, but also an awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Our dancers have the option to focus on competitive dancing, show dancing or, to dance for fitness and for fun.